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Even eye color needs a bit of help at times. Eyeliner helps seal the look and is often the finishing touch to any eye masterpiece .

Here are some great makeup techniques for Spring that show how-to achieve the most current eyeliner trends this year.

You can change the shape and look of your eye without the need for plastic surgery. Just keep a little eye liner handy to do the trick.

There are two types of eye liner: pencil and liquid. Which one you use is up to you. A pencil can be sharpened or dulled to give a thin or thick line, depending on the look you want. You can smudge with your finger for a sultrier look. With a liquid pen, you have a little less control but the line is usually darker and bolder than you can achieve with a pencil. For a dramatic look, the pen flows easier.

Eyeliner Tips for SpringGetting the Look

One look that is hot right now is the cat eye look. It is the trend with prescription and fashion eyewear as well. With eye liner you can achieve a subtle upturn to the eye or a more dramatic one. The look plays well with natural, neutral eye shadows as well as splashes of color.

Subtle: After applying your eye make-up, grab your eyeliner of choice. Begin with the upper lid, close to the lashes about halfway across the lid. Start to trace the lid line towards the outer edge of the eye. Before you lift your pencil or pen, turn it upwards to create a swish at the end of your line. On the lower lid, begin at the middle of the lid line and move towards the outer edge of the eye.

Makeup Tips for using eyelinerGaining momentum: Want to grab the attention of everyone around you (even in the office)? Then try this. Instead of a tiny turn of the eye liner pencil at the edge of your upper lid, extend the line towards the outer edge of your eyebrow line. Keep it clean and even.

Bring on the night: How about a double line for maximum effect? Extend your eyeliner with a thicker line along the crease where the outer edges of the upper and lower lids meet. Then add a second bold stroke that extends out from the eyebrow crease straight towards the edge of the brow, leaving a small space between the two lines. Another option is to create a bolder upward line by using a thicker eye liner stroke (easy with a liquid pen), across the upper lid and then carrying it upwards to a point at the outer edge of the brow. For an even bolder look, neglect the lower lid to emphasize the eye.

Eyeliner frames the eye in subtlety or boldness. Which one will you choose this season?

Let us help you achieve your look of choice! Even better – schedule an appointment for Permanent Eyeliner to make your eyes sparkle and shine all of the time!

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