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Before you begin, make sure you have a nice relaxed block of time to do this. If you are in a hurry, wait. Also, only tweeze once per week at most. Many people over do it, and it shows.

Step 1: Cleanse. After showering is even better, but make sure you wash your eyebrows well to remove all makeup and residue.

Step 2: Use quality tweezers. If you break the hairs or they slip, you should not move on to step 3 until you get some good tweezers.

Step 3: Identify the natural shape of your brows. If you have a white pencil you can use that to trace the shape of your brows to help you identify the strays.

Step 4: Focus first on the hairs that are clearly straying from the primary shape of your brow. Tweeze no more than 2 hairs, and then step back for a moment and look at your brows to make sure you are visually even on both sides. Find the next area of attention and stop after no more than 2 hairs to inspect for even-ness.
If you are in doubt, just stop until you look again later with fresh eyes.

Step 5: Clean your tweezers with soap and water for next time…at least a week from now.

Look your best all day… every day!

Emily Marshall, President and Licensed Cosmetologist
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