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While neck wrinkles are an inevitable part of life, minimizing them might be a good way to avoid revealing our true age!

A dermatologist or other beauty professional has techniques to downplay those wrinkles on your neck, but there are some steps you can take to prevent excessive wrinkling!

  1. Use a sunscreen to avoid sun damage.
  2. Avoid repetitive motions that cause wrinkles on your neck, or increase them. The most common motion that causes these neck wrinkles is looking downward while using your mobile device. Instead, bring your device up in front of your face to keep from rounding your neck. This will prevent you from deepening those creases, and it is better for your spine health too, by helping your posture remain straighter and more youthful. If you find your arms getting tired from holding your device, take a short break, and then do some shoulder exercises like these to increase circulation to your shoulder muscles and strengthen them.

Look your best all day… every day!

Emily Marshall, President and Licensed Cosmetologist
Northwest Dermacolor Center

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