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Here are some quick steps for cleaning your makeup brushes:

  • Wet the bristles only (not the base) with lukewarm water.
  • Place a drop of cleanser into the palm of your hand.
    • (For a DIY solution, try one-part baby shampoo to four-parts water – you can also add a little tea-tree oil to help kill acne-causing bacteria.)
  • Gently massage the “tips” of the bristles in the cleanser.
    • (Keep the base of the brush away from soap and water. The bristles are glued to the base and any moisture can cause the glue to disintegrate and the bristles to come loose.)
  • Rinse the bristles.
  • Squeeze out any excess moisture with a clean towel.
  • Reshape the brush head.
  • Dry the brush with the bristles hanging off the edge of a counter, allowing it to dry in the correct shape. Never let your brushes dry on a towel — the bristles can become mildewed.

When is it time to throw away a makeup brush?

Toss your makeup brush when the bristles start to fray, shed, or lose their shape.

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