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Fitness and beauty can be one and the same.

Being fit and healthy automatically makes all of us look better. Being healthy on the inside creates a healthy outside. Fitness through exercise can help you to maintain a healthy body weight and improve muscle tone. Fitness through eating properly can help you feel better, resist ailments, and help your skin glow naturally.

Beauty FitnessOur looks reflect the sum total of who we are, and how we live and the best we can do in life, is to make the best of what nature has given us, without excuse, apology, or pretense.

We all know that fads and styles that are considered to be “in” one season, will probably be “out” the next. This includes cosmetics, hair styles, clothing, and even body weight and size.

Of course, these standards seem to vary from country to country, year to year, or even among different age groups in the same country and year. For example, full figures have been considered the ideal in some historical periods, while slender figures have been valued during other time frames.

The point is that cultural standards change – and we may choose to follow or ignore them – because the cultivation of natural beauty is not dependent upon fads.

It’s been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there is such a thing as having a beautiful personality. One might find beauty in the way a person thinks, in someone’s attitude or even in the way someone smiles. Love is certainly beautiful, and all of life tends to look more beautiful when we are in love.

A person is truly beautiful when he or she is healthy. Good health brings a glow to the skin, adds harmony to the voice, a twinkle to the eye, and a spring in your step that no beauty school could ever teach.

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So, good health to you and may your beauty always shine through clearly to others,
Emily Marshall, Northwest Dermacolor Center

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