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Simple Beauty Tips for Enhancing Your Appearance

There are many simple daily skin care habits that don’t have to take up a lot of time. Most can be accomplished in a matter of minutes, but will make a noticeable improvement on your appearance. Some of the simpler ways are to get enough sleep each night, drink plenty of water each day, and remove your makeup each night.

Get your beauty sleepAdequate Sleep:

Getting adequate sleep is one of the simplest ways to rejuvenate your skin and should never be overlooked. Consistently getting inadequate sleep can have a negative effect on your appearance, including the tell-tell signs of under eye circles.

Drink plenty of waterDrink Plenty of Water:

Drinking enough water each day to maintain hydration is another important daily habit. While studies have shown that drinking water does not affect the moisture levels in our skin, dehydration, however, can affect the appearance of our skin in an undesirable way. So, maintain sufficient hydration levels each day and your skin will look fresh and healthy.

Clean your face dailyRemove Your Makeup:

Lastly, be sure to completely remove your makeup each night. This is important because failure to do so could begin to have some real negative effects on your skin. The clogged pores that result from not removing your makeup each night can result in unsightly skin problems such as acne or blackheads.

All in all, proper skin care is simply practicing smart daily skin care habits. And if you need help with your skin care… contact us today! We’d love to share our techniques with you through a complimentary consultation.

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Emily Marshall, President and Licensed Cosmetologist
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