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Believe it or not, rain showers often bring some much needed relief for skin problems, especially after a dry winter and too much indoor heat.

Here’s why – humidity helps skin, especially aging skin, which can become flaky, itchy and cracked.

When rains add humidity to the air, help your skin even more by moisturizing. According to the Mayo Clinic, a good moisturizer can help hold water in the skin. Experiment with several kinds and you’ll find the one that works best with your skin type.

Skin care after a bathThe best time to moisturize is right after a shower or bath.

And it’s much better to take warm showers, not hot ones, and keep the showers brief. A 10-minute bathtub soak can also be very helpful. But avoid bath products such as salts and oils in order to retain your natural skin moisture.

If you have dry skin, try using unscented, gentle soaps and other unscented skin care products, too.

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