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Northwest Dermacolor Center's Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the questions we get asked the most... along with the answers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Permanent Makeup

  • What is permanent makeup?
  • Do you have to be certified or licensed to do permanent makeup?
  • Why do prices vary so much?
  • Does it hurt and bleed?
  • What is a retouch?
  • Can I have an MRI?
  • Is permanent makeup permanent?
  • Is it safe?

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is achieved by using a needle to place ink or pigment into the skin. This form of cosmetic adornment has been done for centuries in other countries but is fairly new to the United States. Many standard tattoo artists added permanent makeup to their menu of services as far back as 25 years.

Do you have to be certified or licensed to do permanent makeup?

At this time, the state of Texas does not govern this industry. No city, county, or state certification programs are in place. No approved agency tests or monitors the technicians applying permanent makeup. In other words, the prospective client must be a very good detective to determine qualifications acceptable to them.

Why do prices vary so much?

As with hairdressers, dentists, interior designers and other service vendors, a technician may charge what he/she desires. Price is determined by skill, artistry abilities, length of time in business, cost of insurance, rent, quality of pigments, numbing and needles. Machines can vary in cost from $50.00 to $2,500. Cost of equipment is irrelevant if the technician is lacking in training, experience and ability. Shopping for permanent makeup by price can lead to confusion and disappointment. This is your face not a bargain purse. Ask questions, look at photos, get references.

Can permanent makeup be removed if results are not desirable?

While a skilled artist can sometimes make an area look better, complete removal is not easy. Best results are achieved by finding a doctor that specializes in laser tattoo removal.

Why do most technicians encourage a consultation?

At best, permanent makeup is an art. At worst, a very visible disaster. During a consultation, both you and the technician can meet face to face to determine if this process is best suited for you, discuss colors, post care concerns, best timing for procedure, color placement, retouch policy, costs. This is your time to “check out the technician”. Do not rush into permanent makeup on a whim or encouragement from others. Trust your instincts.

Does it hurt and bleed?

Most clients feel the small discomfort is well worth the years of lasting color and convenience. Many skilled technicians offer several types of topical numbing agents and have a dentist on hand to offer dental blocks for lip procedures. Excessive bleeding is usually caused by improper technique, however, some medications and alcohols can stimulate bleeding.

What is a retouch?

The skin does not always retain the pigment equally in all areas. A “touch up” will establish proper appearance of color.

Can I have an MRI?

Yes! A great informative article is found on the SPCP web site (spcp.org) about MRI testing.

Is permanent makeup permanent?

All color has the potential to fade over the years or change colors. The skin is a living organ, therefore, can reposition some micro particles or loose color due to unprotected sun exposure, illness, medication, overuse of retinols and acids in treated areas. Unlike standard tattoos, most permanent makeup procedures do not require strong primary colors but are designed to appear soft and natural. Lip and eyeliner procedures may contain primary colors and have a better chance of lasting longer before needing to be refreshed.

Is it safe?

Safety is our standard policy at Northwest Dermacolor Center. Gloves are always worn, needles are never reused, and post care procedures are discussed and sent with client in written form along with any ointment or products to be used.

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